Why Do You Need to Use The Wine Cooler

Temperature and light are the natural enemies of wine, so wine preservation to pay attention to light and temperature. When wine exposed both elements without control, the age of the wine decreases rapidly, losing the original flavor and taste of the wine. A wine cooler is designed to re-create the ideal conditions for storing wine. Help you store the bottle in a period while maintaining the fresh, delicious. Also, it is also a very beautiful ornament in the living room of your house

Temperature wine cooler recommended for:

  • Red Wine: 15 – 180C (59 – 640F)
  • White Wine: 9 – 140C (48 – 570F)
  • Champagne: 7 – 80C (41 – 460F).

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The Technology Can Be Applied In Wine Cooler

High-performance compressors (cooling system efficient, rapid cooling and energy), the Ministry of electronic temperature control stability (Maintaining temperature accuracy and stability, for reliability while preserving wine), Display Digital temperature just above the door allows temperature monitoring without opening wine cooler (Visualize rays), glass doors 3-coating UV ray protection harmful ultraviolet (see-through glass door to observe the bottle inside, just insulation, both against harmful ultraviolet rays), activated carbon filters (Keep the air circulating inside is clean) and Ministry vibration (for the wine stored inside the stable) are all necessary elements for wine increased age.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Wine Cooler in home

Choosing Wine Cooler:

If you are a beginning wine interested, you can choose the wine cooler small capacity, and the manufacturers will offer product lines specialize in a certain type of wine when you buy it on it will help you always to be available a few bottles of wine to enjoy. With people want bigger wine coolers can accommodate, then you should choose the model can accommodate larger area. And large seating capacity from 100 to 168 bottles designed one, two or three temperature zones for finishing your wine collection. Wine cooler doors equipped with anti-UV glass you can observe the wine collections without having to open wine cooler.

The basic need of a wine cooler as temperature stability, anti-UV glass door three layers, filters, activated carbon, oak shelves, anti-shake feature. Useful features such as the installation of temperature and LED temperature display above the door to facilitate and integrate key to preserving wine.

How to Install The Wine Cooler:

No power supply to the wine cooler immediately after transport, such may be the faulty cooling system. You should give the wine cooler upright for at least 3 hours after transport, to the refrigerant inside the compressor return.

Select the location of solid ground to install wine cooler.

Place the wine cooler away from sunlight or heat sources.Wine cooler installation designed stand. With the installation of ventilation, space allows the left and right side 2cm, 5cm for the back. You need to read the user manual carefully before using the wine cooler.

Enjoy The Taste of Wine After Storing

There are several the wine coolers are specifically designed and meticulously with advanced features ensures the wine is always kept in the best conditions, to retain flavor and aroma in the wine.

With 3-layer glass door in the UV, alcohol container up to 3 temperature zones, a capacity of 15 to 200 bottles of wine. It will be a large space, so you can comfortably accommodate bottles in your collection

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Wine Cooler in home

The outstanding features

  • 3-layer glass door with UV (Ultra Violet)
  • Class of activated carbon filters to clean air flow inside

Advanced design with interior light weight soothes eyes

  • The wine cooler adjustable for a stable balance
  • wine cooler doors can open to the left or right
  • Prevent sliding wood
  • knobs and stainless steel door frame senior
  • auto defrost function ensures the wine is always ready to enjoy the best
  • Fans mounted inside help improve moisture management and cooling faster
  • Filter odor
  • Box moisturizing
  • There are a built-locks

Selecting The Wine Cooler Location for Bringing Luck

Almost any house in any place in the West also contain alcohol, which can be a liquor wine cooler in the dining room, the kitchen or wine cellar. wine wine coolers are usually placed in a corner of the living room or formal dining room. Bottle perennial, expensive of a famous brand will mean more than a regular drink. The wine had good form on display in wine coolers or on shelves with luxury styling also aesthetic, build buzz for the house and shown the lifestyle of the owner.

If only a few bottles of wine, you can put them at our disposal, and visual interest. However, if there is even a wine cellar or closet containing 50 bottles or more, you should be careful when choosing the wine showcasing position.

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