What Should You Care When Using The Ceramic Cookware

It is said that in the modern life, using the smart device for supporting the cooking task is becoming more and more popular. For the at Kitchen Aim, in this section, we really want to cover the great advantages of using the ceramic cookware in with each households

Review About The Trend Of Using The Ceramic Cookware

Currently, home appliances market is making strong progress. Many famous any brands from Europe have officially launched the Asia market the smart devices. However, taking advantage of this, many production facilities have been faked, imitated appliances rampant, causing difficulties in the selection of kitchen cookware of consumers.

In fact, for the less experienced user, it will be difficult for them to be able to distinguish between high-end and low-quality goods, if only on the surface of products. Therefore, instead of the high-end cookware set neither worth millions to be the homemaker experienced choice, nor at the price of only a few tens of thousands of contract is the main instrument at the time of cooking kitchen of many households.

Most of the pot is sold with the cheap price. Its inferior quality are mostly imported from China or small production facilities in the country and do not comply with the regulations on product quality. Stick coating from all kinds of cookware coated with Teflon material (release agent, including Ptfe And Pfoa compounds) – materials which is commonly used and relatively inexpensive, will be eroded over time and scratches strong exposure to metal cookware. Teflon is also a major factor causing dangerous diseases such as cancer, pneumonia, miscarriage, chest tightness, shortness of breath … directly affect human health as well as be safe for the user’s health

On the house wares market today, high-end cookware imported from Europe are being trusted by many housewife because these products are  not only used for all types of kitchen – especially from the kitchen, but they are durable, safe for the health of users.

Information About The Product In The Pot From FISSLER

Fissler, Elo, Zwilling are the pot which is imported CBU from Germany, withstand high temperatures, using 18/10 stainless steel (18% chromium, 10% nickel) for pot stainless and heat transfer and keep up advantages, high corrosion resistance, heat evenly. Usually, the pot FISSLER, Elo is usually designed with 3 or 5 Zwilling bottom layers. The top layer of stainless steel will be in direct contact with food; aluminum core layer, and which helps heat dissipation throughout the bottom of the pot in order not to cause the phenomenon locally. The bottom layer whose exposure is made from stainless steel can bring the territic heat absorption function.

Most of the pots and pans of Fissler, Elo, Staub, Zwilling are designed according to European standards which is simple, elegant, with many different styles, different sizes and they are  used in all kinds of stoves  in line with the needs of modern consumers especially with the household who is using the kitchen, the use of high-end cookware originating from Germany and France is a perfect combination which guarantee reliability and maximize the features of each product as well as assert, for a kitchen-style modern Europe.

How To Ensure The Safety For The User’s Health When Using

To minimize the factors that affect human health, the use of pots and pans from, the housewife should note the following issues:

– Should we buy the pots, pans, senior, origin, clear brand cookware sets originating from Germany (Fissler, Elo, Zwilling) Or France (Staub) …

– Use non-stick pans in moderate temperatures which are not higher than 260 ° C because at higher temperatures the release agent will decompose, releasing toxic molecules, only to food contamination, influence serious human health.

Kitchen from the same pot of luxury is the perfect combination for the modern kitchen. As a result, should you be open and airy kitchen while cooking. This way, you can eliminate the toxic gases emitted by the release agent.

– Always select pots and pans with thick soles, by pots and pans with thick soles always warmer longer, so you can control the temperature of the pots and pans easier.

This advice is recommended by the Amelia Kaynes, a specialist in the field of cooking who used to share a lot of experience on how to make the special dishes as well as the good device to cook it deliciously. He was also considered as the top of experts in food culture around the world. With a long time for working in the famous hotel, Amelia Kaynes can be able to make the correct evaluation for each type of ceramic cookware. Hope that based on it, consumers can deeply know about the value as well as how to use the ceramic cookware safely

Amelia Kaynes is a stay-at-home mom, who loves to share her passion in everything cooking and house decorations. She maintains an active blog at KitchenAim.