Simple Tips On Purchasing The Best Air Fryer

As can be easily seen, fried food has become more popular today, when mentioning the fried fish or chicken, it will be difficult to curb the cravings. However, the fried food is considered to be bad for your health, and often cause the arteries to clog up fast. In the tradition way, food is cooked with the deep fryer, which is efficiently dunked inside with a lot of oil. This may be not good for your health. But, now, we cab be able to access the healthier choices like an air fryer thanks to the advanced technology, especially the Philips air fryers. Read the Philips air fryer reviews to make use of the best air fryer.

Unlike the deep fryer, this method will circulate the hot air to heat the food up in both sides at the same time. This can make the same crispy layer and delicious taste that you can easily get from a deep fryer but no unnecessary fat. In other short words, it is quite essential to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. It will be better if you can invest in this kitchen appliance, which both makes your life become easier and helps you enjoy the healthy meals.

Capacity Of Air Fryer

It is quite pivotal to learn about both the kind of the food and the quantity of food that every air fryer can cover. Despite the fact that the cooking time of an air fryer is relatively small compared to the conventional fryer, it still causes waste of resources and inconvenience if the same foot is cooked under batches. The capacity of a regular air fryer often ranges from 1.8-pound to 2.5-pound. This figure is enough to regularly cook fries or chicken drumsticks. But, if you are going to make a preparation the whole turkey or entire chicken, the capacity of the air fryer needs to be larger.


It is considered that the power consumption is really a big concern for all kinds of kitchen appliances. When the air fryer consumes more than 700 to nearly 1500 watts of power, you should keep in mind the power outlets of the kitchen and the ability to help the range of the power supply.


Space constraints in a plethora of kitchens are unable to help the larger air fryer. Depending on the space available in the kitchen, you may need to select the air fryer accordingly.


The air fryer has a multitude of features and settings. Basing on your personal requirement, the specific settings will be important for you. For instance, numerous temperature setting will allow you cooking various types of food items. In contrast, some air fryer may be unable to approach the significantly high temperature. Take into serious consideration the kinds of food you are going to cook and select your air fryer basing on your setting needs.

Extra Features

Other features, a cooking basket, for instance, will be important for you. A multi-level basket will help the individuals to cook different kinds of food items at the same time. This will increase the efficiency while decreasing the cooking time. This feature might not be available in the whole types of air fryers, therefore, the buyers needs to take into account the priorities and requirement before making a purchase.

Price Range

Last but not least, the extra feature can increase the price tag of the air fryer. With some consumers, it is put into priority to choose the basic feature of cooking ability with little oil or no. For others, the extra points like the digital displays and numerous compartments will be pivotal as well. Pricing of the air fryer not only affects the choice of different sizes or brands, but it will base on this additional feature. Remember to fit your budget constrictions before making your last decision.

After a long time of cooking in 4-star hotel, Hermon has gained a lot of achievements in using the kitchen appliances as well as makes a lot of recipe for delicious meals. He shares that if the users want to save time and electricity when cooking, please make a tidy arrangement, then you will easily find them when needed.