Preserve Wine Properly In Your House

With hot and humid climate in some countries, if not properly maintained, the wine will be easily damaged and lose flavor.

Wine is the alcoholic beverage is fermented grape juice. Not only used in the fun, many people still choose it as a gift on holiday together. Families often find a beautiful and prominent location in your home to display and collection of wines you like an elegant pleasures. However, if stored improperly, wine is perishable because oxidized or loss of quality due to the influence of the environment. And now we will guide you the way to buy sunpentown wine coolers.


Methods Of Preservation

Wine should be stored at a temperature of 5-18 degrees C. In particular, red wine is 15 to 18 degrees C; White wine is 12-15 degrees C.

More importantly, you need to put the wine horizontally, keeping corks always put alcohol in humidity and temperature low and stable as possible. Locations Do not be influenced by the shaking and strange smells, avoid light shines directly. Show some wines have UV filters inside glass layer, which protects the wine but by storing for long periods, a sufficient amount of light still passes through the filter and influence of alcohol . You also should not let the wine in the refrigerator because the operation mechanism of the fridge will dry cork, the wine will be oxidized and renders food odors.

When the wine has broken will turn dark, precipitation, intense sour taste, if you drink will affect the stomach and cause kidney stones. To ensure safety, you should choose for your home dedicated a cabinet for wine. In particular wine cabinets kadeka a suggestion.

How To Choose Cabinet To Preserve Wine

Number of wine storage: Besides the wine are, you have to calculate the amount of alcohol that you and some family members will buy in the future. Kadeka has many lines from 15-168 bottles cabinet, in accordance with user needs.

Wines or use: If you only use a wine specialist, you can choose to buy a compartment temperature wine cabinets. And if you drink red wine and white both should look to the cabinet with both temperature zone. Or to save money you can use one compartment cabinet then adjust the temperature to suit for both types of wine.

Space home: For families with little space to choose a cabinet wall or compact from 15-45 bottles. Conversely, if you want large spaces and equipment used as decorative cabinets, you should use the size storage cabinet from 100 bottles or more. Choosing cabinets origin and warranty service helps ensure your peace of mind. Wine cabinets to ensure continuous operation, easy to transport, install and durable.

Note The Use Of Wine

For wine broke the case but did not drank wine then you go for the rest in the liquor cabinet. Temperature and humidity of wine storage cabinets will be similar to the cellar environment.

Suitable wines will be beneficial for health but you should only drink 1-2 glasses of wine (equivalent to half a bottle of wine 750 ml). So if enjoying his wine before you drink half a bottle of wine chat to a new bottle and close cork and placed horizontally on the liquor cabinet and not to lose the smell.

Enjoy the party toasts spring feast is culture handed down from the oldest. To enjoy the full flavor of the wine, to know properly maintained. Fridge wine storage is the most ideal way. Some suggestions below will help you choose a suitable cabinet.

Wine is the drink “hard”, influenced by temperature and light. The temperature is too high or too low are reduced taste wine, light and fast break. Fridge help stabilize wine storage temperature, keeping fresh and optimal quality of the wine. On the market there are many types of wine chilled cabinets in various sizes, most of which is imported. When choosing to buy wine chilled cabinets, to note the following criteria:

Suitable Interior Design

Wine Fridge is closed form cabinets, concealed door can see or not see inside. Sectional cabinets include wooden or metal. Most have touch panel for convenient monitoring and process control alcohol marinated.

Should consider in selecting suit style cabinet placement. If the cabinet to individual and large size, high style often choose to less occupied area, the appropriate style book cabinet in the living room or recreation room. Conversely, if the cabinet is attached to the interior at the counter, then choose low bar.

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