How To Buy The Best Types Of Meat Grinder?

For those people especially the housewives as well as the chef, to make the sound meal, and diverse the daily diet for their family, it is vital for them to own a smart cooking accessories, particularly the meat grinder. Why do we need to use this machine? What are its functions? How to choose the best electric meat grinder? All these questions will be solved on the following article.

The Magic A-04 Electric Meat Grinder

Product Description

Food Processor Magic A-04 does not just help you pure cooked meat, but it also can grind the vegetables, fruit quickly and conveniently. The machine is equipped with two dual rotary blades with a capacity of 400W, which can be capable of delivering robust capabilities and purring quickly with the different materials. Besides, the luxury and safe glass jar can help you to observe the status of semi-processed raw materials inside. Mixers have lined anti-slip rubber base making the machine operate certainty on various flat surfaces.

The Structure Of The Machine

2 Rotary Blades With Dual 400W Power

Machine is provided with 2 dual blades with premium stainless steel materials which is not rusty as well as does not affect the material inside. Powerful spindle with 400W power can be able to help you puree the ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetables, …

Senior Glass Mortar With High Transparency

It is said that the mortar is made of high-grade glass with high transparency allowing users to easily view the status of the materials inside. In addition, this part is also cleaned easily with water and soap.

The Compact Design And Certainly

The machine is designed with the compact size which is only 16 x16 x 28 cm. The miller does not take up too much space in the kitchen. The body of the machine is designed sustainably to make sure that the pad insole can be able to help the machine with the normal operation, as well as not be slippery when booting.

The Bluestone Chb-5175 Meat Grinder

 The Product Description

Bluestone meat grinder CHB-5175 own the operating capacity up to 1500W based on the luxurious and beautiful design with 2-speed next generation which are able to help you grind the meat in very fast time. The product is an optimal solution to help you save housewives time and effort in food preparation. When using the machine, there is no need for the users to worry about the safety as the blades and grinding wheels are made of stainless steel so you can sit with food safety issues.

The Structure Of The Product

Strong Operation With A Capacity Of 1500W

With a capacity of 1500W with the stainless blades help pureed meat in a simple way but still ensure the safety, durability as well as easily cleaning again after use.

Handy Accessories

The product is equipped with the included accessories including ballast meat, trays, plates grind, grind disc medium, as well as the sausage handy tube, which helps you to flourish, countless culinary delicacies for your loved ones.

Smart Structure

Mortars are made of stainless steel for ensuring the safe and durable level. In addition, the machine also has the automatic circuit breaker when it operates overloaded, so the users can completely be satisfied when using.

Reversal Mode When Trapped

A machine is capable of reversing the trapped which help you keep peace of mind when manipulating. What you need to do is  to put the meat into the machine, press the button and wait for the perfect meat.

 Digital Information About The Grinder

+ Brand: Bluestone

+ Model: CHB-5175

+ Voltage: 220-240V

+ Power plant: Min 350W – 650W Max

+ Productivity grind: 1,0-1,5kg / min

+ Blades: Blades made of stainless steel

+ Accessories included: Knitwear meat, trays, plates grind, grind disc medium, pipe sausage

+ Dashboard: Mechanical

+ The speed blender: 2 + 1 reverses

+ Meat Tray: Stainless steel

+ Product Weight: 3.86 kg

Here is the whole description about the top of two most typical electric meat grinders on the market. To read more information about the new types, please update the news on our website daily.

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