Guide You The Way To Preserve Knife In Your Kitchen

Knife is a necessary instrument in your family. But if you don’t know how to preserve it. And in this article, we will show you the way to keep knife longer.

When buying a knife, you should also pay attention to the material, structure and brand of knife blades. If you have a budget of some economic revival, to invest a long lasting premium knives should choose ranging from world famous brands like Zwilling, Wusthof, Global.

Choose A Good Knife

Knives commonly advanced by this firm was forged knives and seal (forged and stamped knife) very high quality steel with hardness from 56-66 HRC, the characteristics of this type is excellent, durable, hard curved, warped, cool, always bright ball, good balance even helped, despite a very high stiffness, but is easily sharpened again.

Second is to choose knife-cutting steel (stainless steel) as it is in line with affordability and quality is quite good but quite inert steel, hard ware and easy to warp, the knives need flexibility as meat knives are also filtering in this group.

Stainless steel knife is also common in the modern kitchen, because it needs a variety of food cutting, the price is also affordable. Part knives may be in wood, plastic, rubber or metal are, it is important to make sure the design to ensure the safe and sustainable use levels.


When using a knife, should be in accordance with the function of each different type of knife to maintain the durability of the knife. Do not use a knife to cut food hot or knife on the cutting surface of metal or ceramic components as well as acids in foods like fruits, tomato sauce … sticking to the blade. As this will quickly worn blades.

When finished knife, wash clean with cleaning pads knife without causing scratches. Do not “extort” a knife in the sink soaking them with other objects. This will make a loose wooden hilt, making difficult to use or knife blades may also be a substantial impact with other objects, damaging the blade.

Need to put a knife in wooden boxes or shelves plug blades to ensure reliability, before setting up the clean dry towel to avoid moisture knives in knife racks. Place the knife box or shelf in a higher position, but not too hard to take in order to ensure safe and convenient to use.

Do not leave knives in contact with the material objects with silver as they will make quick knife worn. Plastic parts to avoid rolling away from heat sources to avoid melting.

If used correctly, knives remain sharp premium over the last few years of use, ceramic knives are also longer. However, to keep the knives are sharp; one should also regularly sharpening knives depending on the type and level of use.

Should sharpen knives on a small piece of stone or grinding tool sharpening steel knife dedicated let sharpen knives on a certain object or on bottom smooth dishes … because like knives will heat up, easy to bend and leak.

After grinding, wash knives, allowed to dry and then use the cooking and not “overenthusiastic” as soon as it is possible to use metal dust left over after grinding, affect health.


After using a knife, you should clean it and then keep then in a place. And then it will use longer.

This is a way to save money in your house and then you don’t need to take much time in buying these instrument. Know how to keep them and then you will use it for a long time.

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