Do You Know A Knife Properly Should Be Selected?

With the kitchen, knives – always one of the essential tools and multi-functionality. Good knife, will help the process of preparing fast food, beautifully cooked and sewn becomes easier.

However, choosing the right kind of knife, how to use and how to preserve an issue … difficult than you think. Let the experts of Modern Life supermarkets advise you.

A Basic Set Of Knives

The understanding of each knife will help you choose the right products to meet the maximum needs cooking style and usage habits of your family. Typically, each knife will have separate uses such as:

Chef knife (also known as kitchen knives French): Knives are used for cutting vegetables. The big advantage is quite handy knife can cut, trim fit everything but especially fruits and vegetables; Multifunction knife: Able to meet all purposes.

They are also used to cut fruit, vegetables and poultry meat; Sliced fillet knife: Used to take part fillet sliced meat and fish; Boned knife: Expert for boning of poultry or beef, pork; Knife sharpener: Usually tongue small, lightweight and easy to control when cutting the small portions of food or when finely chopped; Bread knife: Help for sliced bread becomes easier with the system serrated blade section; Knives sliced: For slicing of the flesh without fear of corruption; Mills: Used to close or cut pieces of meat attached to bone.

What Brand Should Choose?

If you like steel knives? Modern Life recommend that you use the knife F. Dick (Germany).

With more than 230 years old. F. Dick are professional chefs worldwide known as a leading brand in the field of knives and tools dedicated to food processing. F. Dick global reputation is based on perfect functionality and long life of the product.

Dick knives are forged from a single piece of steel to create the perfect balance of weight to shape. The handle of the walk is designed intelligently feels comfortable to use.

On the other hand, this hand is treated to ensure food safety and keeping the blade very strong through special techniques of F. Dick producing food or liquids should not be wool in the region between steel and plastic.

With a long tradition and experience in manufacturing as well as the close cooperation, long-term professional chefs helped by F. Dick products constantly improved in line with the demand of modern life.

Or if you want a style knives made of chromium-molybdenum steel? Modern Life will recommend Wusthof knife (Germany).

Not only are made from high-quality chrome steel, Wusthof knives are also corrosion resistant ceramic coating helps protect the blade from scratches. Born in 1814, so far has produced more than 350 Wusthof knives of different types, to meet all the needs of the housewife.

With special design and innovative engineering and quality forged homogeneous. Wusthof products has won numerous awards prestigious design competitions in the world.

Or if you want a thin knife that hard, but excellent light? Modern Life Kyocera ceramic knife recommend (Japan).

Kyocera ceramic knives line is the pinnacle of sophisticated technology. It is a revolutionary product in the super-sharp knife manufacturing industry with properties currently stronger than steel (using a high-tech ceramic hardness just behind diamonds), not rusty and barely dull.

The Origin Of Knife

Thanks to the properties of the material inert manufacturing, Kyocera ceramic knives do not retain food flavor during processing. Therefore, the food always ensure food safety, maintain the purity, keep the flavor and without impurities.

Kyocera ceramic knives are an optimal choice for those who prefer to use a product for clean, safe, easy to clean and elegant to use.

Kitchen Should Equip The Basic Knives

Within the scope of the family, you do not necessarily have to buy all kinds of special knife by the side knives need basic cooking, homemaker simply retrofitted several other knives such as paring knives, shredding knives , knives snakehead … in general, depending on the intended use of the family that you will decide what type of knife accordingly.

A knife is so important in your kitchen. Above I have introduce some kind of knife. You should choose the best knife in your kitchen to serve for slicing food effectively.

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